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5 Reasons a Pastor’s Sabbatical Blesses Many

Pastors sabbatical
Pastors sometimes need to take a sabbatical to rejuvenate themselves in the Word. (Lightstock)

What would a sabbatical mean for your ministry? Have you ever thought of discussing it with your congregation's leaders?


7 Tensions You Can Expect With Rapid Growth

Power struggles can erupt suddenly in a company or church that has seen rapid growth.
Power struggles can erupt suddenly in a company or church that has seen rapid growth. (iStock photo)

Pastors certainly enjoy the benefits of growth in their churches. But it isn't without its pitfalls.


4 Crucial Tasks of Senior Leaders

Senior pastor
Are these four 'Vs' a part of your daily routine? (Lightstock)

As a senior leader, do you understand your important role in setting these four principles for your church?


How to Overcome Roadblocks in Your Senior Pastor Succession Plan

Preacher succession
Is your church prepared for when your senior pastor decides to step down from the pulpit? (Lightstock)

Most churches devise a well-thought-through agenda for transitioning to a new pastor. Sometimes, however, the best-laid plans experience some hurdles.


Multisite Churches: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Transformation Church
Transformation Church (Facebook)

How do you see multisite churches as different from others? What has your experience been?


6 Recurring Themes in Filling Pastoral Vacancies

Job interview
For various reasons, many churches are taking longer these days to fill a pastoral vacancy. (iStock photo)

Some churches experience roadblocks when it comes to hiring a new pastor. Here are some of them and why they are so frustrating.


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