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5 Ways Emotions Can Help or Hurt a Pastor’s Leadership

Pastor emotions
Pastor, are you able to keep your emotions in check when necessary? (iStock photo)

Understanding how emotions can work for you or against you is key to becoming a healthy leader and cultivating a healthy culture on your team.


How to Empower Lay Counselors to Reach the Broken

Pastoral counseling
Does your church provide a safe atmosphere for counseling for life's trials and tribulations? (iStock photo)

Is your church providing an informal atmosphere for people connect with others to talk about life and to help them heal from life's hurts?


Greatest Countercultural Witness: Strong Biblical Families

Through the pulpit, are you strengthening nuclear families within your congregation? (Lightstock)

Isn't the most important role of the church in today's society to strengthen the nuclear family in our congregations and to empower parents to train their children with a biblical worldview?


What Is Your Response to This Age of Lawlessness?

Are you responding to this chaotic and lawless society in selifshness or in love?
Are you responding to this chaotic and lawless society in selifshness or in love? (Facebook)

Are we keeping our love for people alive, even in an age when rejecting Jesus is the cultural thing to do?


Should We Try to Make Our Churches Cool?

Cultural relevance
Are we sacrificing truth in our churches in order to be culturally relevant? (Lightstock)

Is it a good thing that churches are trying to be culturally relevant these days?


9 Issues Regarding Pastors and Office Hours

Office hours
What are your church's expectations of your office hours? (Lightstock)

What is your perspective regarding pastors and office hours? What should be the expectations of the church members about their schedules?


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