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4 Steps in Teaching Students to Share Their Faith

Youth gospel
Here are some tips to help you teach your students to share their faith. (Lightstock)

Evangelism can sometimes be uncomfortable for youth. Here are some methods you can use to instruct them to spread the gospel.


3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church

Youth leader
What things are we doing right to reach youth who stay in the church? (Lightstock)

What are we doing right with these students, and what are we doing wrong with those who don't fall into this category?


How to Test Your Ministry’s Structural Integrity

Is there structrual integrity in your youth ministry?
Is there structrual integrity in your youth ministry? (iStock photo)

Is your youth ministry healthy and built to last, or will it collapse the minute you're gone?


A Huge 21st-Century Challenge: How to Engage the Younger Generation

What challenges do you face in trying to reach millennials?
What challenges do you face in trying to reach Millennials? (Lightstock)

Students and millennials are vital parts of the body of Christ. Are we as leaders who are called to shepherd this generation and raise them up properly tapping the potential of this generation?


How to Guarantee Longevity in Youth Ministry

Youth ministry
What is the secret to longevity in youth ministry? (Lightstock)

It's a simplistic idea, but here is the secret to hanging around for the long haul.


An Attractive Alternative: Magnetic Youth Ministry

Saddleback Youth
Saddleback Church's youth ministry promises to be magnetic instead of attractional. (Facebook)

While many churches choose to go with an attractional ministry to bring youth into the fold, there is a better way to go about it.


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