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How to Guarantee Longevity in Youth Ministry

Youth ministry
What is the secret to longevity in youth ministry? (Lightstock)

It's a simplistic idea, but here is the secret to hanging around for the long haul.


An Attractive Alternative: Magnetic Youth Ministry

Saddleback Youth
Saddleback Church's youth ministry promises to be magnetic instead of attractional. (Facebook)

While many churches choose to go with an attractional ministry to bring youth into the fold, there is a better way to go about it.


3 Reasons Why Some Churched Kids Hate Church

Bored young people
Are young people in your church bored? What are you doing to engage them? (Lightstock)

Young adults don't simply decide they don't want to go to church anymore. Here are some things that drive them away.


5 Ways Kids Eventually Become Disconnected From Church

Children's ministry
What are you doing to help ensure that children will remain in church later in life? (Lightstock)

Are there things that people in your church do now that contribute to driving children away from the church later in life?


4 Key Ways the Church Can Make Space for Millennials

It may surprise you what Millennials are looking for from church these days. (iStock photo)

A recently released study by the Barna Group and the Cornerstone Knowledge Network revealed some surprising results concerning what Millennials want from their churches.


5 of the Biggest Mistakes Youth Leaders Make With Outreach

Youth outreach
Are you, as a youth leader, getting the real point of outreach? (Lightstock)

Some youth leaders may be mishandling their outreach to teens. Here are some common missteps some make.


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